Islamorada Snook Fishing in Everglades Backcountry

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Lance Spontack and his Dad, Tom, with two different nice size snook.

Over 20 snook and a backcountry grand slam

This is not a big snook, but it is one of more than 20 snook they caught that day. Plus they caught a backcountry grand slam: one baby tarpon out of three on and three redfish. John Skiffington, his daughter, and her boy friend caught more than 50 fish that day comprising of sea trout (sorry I just can not count that species as part of a supper grand slam), jacks, snapper, baby jewfish, and ladyfish.

Bill Burk catches a nice snook in Everglades backcountry.


A nice snook caught on the flats of Flamingo in the pot holes

We caught this this snook while bonefish fishing. It was so shallow, its back was out of water as it was swimming across the flat.

A nice snook I caught with a bare jig, casting the pot holes in the flats of Everglades backcountry.

Everglades backcountry! This is one of the most special places.

My wife caught a snook and baby tarpon that day on artificial plug.

Another beautiful Everglades backcountry creek,

And another,

And another awesome Everglades backcountry creek. You do not have to travel half way across the world to fish remote, fishy waters.

Juncadella boys with a nice snook.





Tony Carter and Duggie catch half dozen snook and half dozen jewfish.

Tom Spontack with two nice snook (top and bottom).

During mandatory evacuation, Wilma will hit in three days - I'm going fishing!

I catch a nice snook on a top water fly, by myself. It was so good, snook were blasting bait everywhere, I convince my wife to go fishing the next day (two days before hurricane Wilma). We had all of Sunday to prep the house and boats, then hunker down.

Bill Truppi and a good snook, caught on top water fly. That is a tough thing to do, when it's your first time. He caught three snook that 3/4 day, and missed three times as many strikes, and we saw 20 snook up on the flats. There were a lot of snook that day. It was killing me.

Bill's first tarpon on fly, and he caught it on a top water fly. This was the day he caught three snook too. So we were looking hard for redfish, and only had 3/4 day fishing. We would have caught the "Grand Slam," but Bill had to get on the road to catch a plane - only for it to be cancelled.

You can catch nice jacks while snook and tarpon fishing the Everglades backcounty.


Two Days before Hurricane Wilma

My wife Elena with the snook she caught a artificial plug. She had to really entice it. It hit three times on the same cast, before she hooked it.

And a tarpon she caught on plug. We should have gone redfish fishing for the "Grand Slam," but we wanted to keep snook fishing.

Tom Spontack catches a nice trout while snook fishing. It is almost a big trout for our area.

Diego with a good snook.

Jose with a snook he caught on artificial plug.

Dead snook!

Not something I want to put at the top of the page, but they are good eating! And they are all nice size snook.



This could be you!