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  • Six angler maximum for tarpon fishing
  • Three angler maximum for flats fishing
  • Four angler maximum for offshore fishing
  • Full day and half day fishing
  • Bait, tackle and fishing license is provided
  • Fly casting instruction
  • U.S. Coast Guard licensed and insured
  • More than 20 years of professional experience
  • Two past IGFA World Records


  • Boat shoes only (NO BLACK SOLES, PLEASE)
  • Polaroid sunglasses (BROWN LENS) and a hat
  • Food and drinks for yourselves
  • Sun block and chap stick
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt (light cotton, light colored)
  • Cotton socks, especially with sandals
  • Camera or video camera


Booking and Cancellation Policy  with Bone Yard Inc.

When I take a booking, you have seven days to send a deposit. The deposit guaranties the days are held for you. The trip balance is paid on the completion of the trip.

If a day or trip must be cancelled this is how we handle it.

If we have to cancel the trip due to bad weather, you get your deposit back in full. Bad weather is a serious threat of lightning storms throughout the day. No fish is worth risking one’s life. We evaluate bad weather the morning of the trip, typically down at the dock, because many times the weather forecasters totally blow it from the night before or even that morning. The trip will not be cancelled due to rain. We have had many banner days in the rain. The boat has a big top and I have simple rain gear on board. Sometimes while we are fishing a lightning storm comes up, so we run over to one of the numerous marinas for protection indoors.

If you must cancel your trip, the deposit is “fully refundable” until one month (30 days) before the trip. If you cancel for any reason “within 30 days” of the trip, the deposit is fully refundable "only if" the canceled days are booked to another client; however, the deposit is "not refundable" for each day that is not booked to another client. For example, if 4 days are canceled within 30 days of the trip ($800 deposit) and 2 of those days are booked to another client, then you would get a $400 refund.

This is a very standard cancellation policy when booking fishing trips in the Keys or at fishing lodges. If you believe it is likely you might have to make a last minute cancellation for any reason, you can purchase travel insurance to cover your potential loss at most travel agencies.

Last minute cancellations are very hard to fill because all of my bookings are in advance. If it happens, I call numerous contacts to try to make the full day’s pay (and return the client’s deposit). Please keep in mind, each day of the season is our inventory. If we were a car dealership, it would be as if a car just disappeared from the lot and we can never recover it. This is the total reason for deposits, to avoid insincere bookings and frivolous cancellations so we do not loose big blocks of inventory.

Thank You,

Capt. Rick Killgore

President of Bone Yard Inc.