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Sebastian Juncadella (11 yrs) was truly impressed by his fishing trip, I would say. 

They had a fine 1/2 day trip catching 3 tarpon for 8 on for 8 strikes. Jose, the father, caught an 80 pounder. Sebastian caught a 20 lbs tarpon and his brother, Diego (8 yrs.), caught a 30 pounder. 

They hooked and fought those tarpon all by themselves, no assistance. This is a great feat on #20 test spin.

I am also impressed by his recollection of such detail, like: the thread of the tarpon's dorsal fin, my beard, my hat, release gaff, left hand glove, rod holders on boat, Gatorade bottle in Diego's hand, and Nike logo and Jose's shirt. Seb pointed out he was wearing his "lucky gym shorts".