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Fishing Charters Florida Keys with Captain Rick Killgore

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Tony Carter catches his "Grand Slam" with this big bonefish on bait. His friend Bryant netted the fish. It was followed by huge hoot’n and holler’n. Then we dashed to the Safari lounge for a couple celebratory beers.

First , he caught a 50 lbs. tarpon on fly, then a 20 lbs. permit on bait, and finally the bone - all before 12 PM.


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2 bonefish caught for 5 hooked, in half day trip

Charlie Green and "son-in-law", Jay Wertheimer had a fantastic morning. We saw about +200 bonefish tailing in schools between 6 to 30 fish each. Unfortunately they lost the other fish to the horrid snags of the mangroves.

Charlie's bonefish weighed about 8 1/2 lbs. Jay Wertheimer with his bonefish he caught while it was tailing in a school of about 20 bonefish.  It weighed around 9 lbs.


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Here Charlie is casting to a big, tailing bonefish.

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Jay is hooked up again.


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Dr. Walter Martinez with an 11 lbs. bonefish (weighed). It was so shallow that the fish's back was out of water as it cruised around on the flat.

One of my favorite bonefish fishing scenarios, "finning bonefish" in ultra shallow water. My boat is one of the few boats that can chase these ultra shallow bonefish, anywhere they go. If you want to stalk the ultimate fishing challenge, try this.

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Daniel Nieuwenhuis and his 10 lbs. (weighed) bonefish he caught while it was ferociously tailing.

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Christian Lommer of Denmark caught a 9 lbs. bonefish (weighed). This fish’s great power and agility shocked him.


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Spooked after that cast!

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A nice school of tailing bonefish approach Rich St. Pierre.


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My wife catches a big bonefish, which she had spotted, cast to, hooked, and caught. It was tailing and finning on an ultra shallow flat.

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Releasing her own fish. 


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Tom Spontack with a nice bonefish he caught while it was "finning" in super shallow water.

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Notice the speed of a bonefish, the first swirl is to Tom’s right and not 5 feet away. Look close, it is so shallow the bonefish’s back is out of water.


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My wife with 1 of 4 bonefish we caught (out of 8 on in about 2 hours).

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Her second bonefish that morning.

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Ryan Eidelstein and a 9 lbs. big bonefish.

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Ed Liipfert’s son releases his first bonefish, a nice one.


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Joe Bernardo and a nice bonefish he caught while it was tailing.

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A complete thrill for all anglers: releasing your own fish


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Mike Sovan released a 6- lbs. bonefish that was so shallow its back was out of water when he cast to it. This is the toughest situation to catch a bonefish – a great feat.

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This father and son both caught tailing bonefish.



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Chris Keldie with his first bonefish.

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Chris Keldie was fishing with his dad, Dr. Carl Keldie, when he caught his first bonefish.


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Fighting a big bonefish in shallow water.

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My friend, Steve Enos, catches a nice bonefish on spin.


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Casting to tailing bonefish.