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My dad releases an 11lbs. 10 oz. bonefish while fly fishing. The average
bonefish in Islamorada weighs between 8 to 10 pounds. A big bonefish is between 10 and 12 pounds. Any bone over 12 pounds is a fish of a lifetime.


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On my birthday, I went out with my Mom and Dad for the afternoon, and got into about +40 ultra-shallow tailing bonefish. We all took turns fly fishing.

I hooked up a smoker. After three bruiser runs while my Dad poled after it, we finally got it to the boat. It weighed 11 lbs. on the chatillion scale. This was a fantastic b-day.

Earlier that day I also caught a 50lbs. tarpon on fly rod with my brother-in-law, and we both caught 3 tarpon on bait. 

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Tony Carter and his big bonefish while fly fishing.


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What a back on that fish. Wont find these boys in Mexico, Belize, or Bahamas.


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I get a big bone while wading and fly fishing.



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Rick Brito releases his bonefish on fly rod.

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A great bonefish while fly fishing on your day off.


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Landing a bonefish on fly rod.



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Look at that tail sticking out of water.

A "close-up" as Doug Cheney is fly fishing at a school of tailing and finning bonefish.

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Doug Cheney fly fishing at a beautiful school of tailing and finning bonefish.

Doug made some excellent casts, he just didn't have the bonefish gods looking over him that day.