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Tarpon Fishing, Flats Fishing, Tournaments, past IGFA World Records, and past Offshore Billfish Fishing




In the last ten seasons


Dream It! Live It!

11 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 1  day only

10 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 2 different days

 9 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 8 different days

 8 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 14 different days

 7 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 21 different days

 6 TARPON RELEASED in a DAY: On 27 different days

 AN INCREDIBLE DAY: Hooking 19 tarpon out of 30 tarpon

striking the baits and releasing 7 tarpon that day

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        1.)  2003 TARPON SEASON: Another phenomenal season

 328 tarpon released!

We caught them in 77  FULL DAYS OF FISHING. This was done live bait fishing the channels.

We averaged more than 4 tarpon released per FULL DAY of fishing.

This is hot fishing action, lots of strikes and fish jumped off. We averaged 9 tarpon “striking the baits” per day while “hooking and fighting” 6 tarpon a day, then catching 4 tarpon per full day. (1999 was better than this year. We averaged just about 5 tarpon released for 9 tarpon “hooked up” for 14 tarpon “striking baits” per day. Check past fish reports for details).

THESE ARE BIG TARPON: Chances for catching a big tarpon were great. Check out the percentages. (Check out the tarpon photo gallery too.)

    a.) Tarpon over 80 pounds: 63 % of the catch

    b.) Tarpon over 100 pounds: 32 % of the catch

    c.) Tarpon over 120 pounds: 16 % of the catch

    d.) Tarpon over 140 pounds: 5 % of the catch

    e.) Tarpon over 50 pounds: 85 % of the catch

(In the last two weeks of July the big tarpon, “the spawners,” migrate out of the Keys leaving the smaller tarpon behind. We still catch big tarpon of 80 to 100 plus pounders, but the percentages start to fall. We catch more tarpon in the 50 to 70 lbs. range and more tarpon down to 30 pounds. The number of tarpon per day stays the same.)


        2.)  2002 TARPON SEASON: 282 tarpon released in 72˝  days of fishing.

             a) We averaged 4 tarpon released, for 6 on, for 9 strikes per full day of fishing

        3.)  2001 TARPON SEASON: 148 tarpon released in 50 days of fishing.

             a) We averaged 3 tarpon released, for 5 on, for 8 strikes per full day of fishing

        4.)  2000 TARPON SEASON: 214 tarpon released in 61 days of fishing.

             a) We averaged 3.5 tarpon released, for 6 fish on, for 9.5 strikes per full day of fishing.

        5.)  1999 TARPON SEASON: 197 tarpon released in 40 ˝ days of fishing.

             a) We averaged 5 tarpon released, for 9 fish on, for 14 strikes per full day of fishing.




        1.) 2003 HERMAN LUCERN MEMORIAL: "Top Junior Angler," Sebastian Juncadella 


     B.) BONEFISH, PERMIT, REDFISH, CUDAS, SHARKS, SNOOK, ETC.: lots of big fish, check out the photo galleries.


III.)  FLATS FISHING: (personal catches)


          1.)  1996 BAY BONE: "Top Pro Angler," out of 84 anglers, nine bonefish were caught on fly. caught five of these bonefish.

          2.)  1987 Miami Met.: "Bonefish on Spin" Trophy (artificial spin, #8 test line)


     B.)  FLY FISHING:

        1.) One GRAND SLAM: 12 lb. permit, 30 lb. tarpon, and three bonefish

        2.) Nine permit: 18 lb. to 10 lb. (Three caught in one afternoon)

        3.) More than a hundred bonefish



III.)  "PAST" I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORDS: (personal catches)

     A.)  GUAPOTE: 12 lb., 9 oz.; "All Tackle Record" (#15 tippet on fly rod)

     B.)  BIG EYE TREVALLY: 13 lb., 4 oz.; "Fly Rod Record, #20 tippet"


IV.)  OFFSHORE CHARTER FISHING for billfish: A total of at least 845 billfish


As a captain and as a mate, my anglers caught 112 blue and black marlin. Of these, I have wired more than 85 marlin.

        1.) One blue marlin est. 850-1000 lbs. (I wired this fish twice and then released it)

        2.) On #16 test line, a 313 lbs. blue (After just a 12 min. fight, I gaffed it on it’s first jump. Then it woke up! What a fight!); FRENCH LOOK, Capt. Lori Wright

        3.) 542 lbs. blue (I gaffed it after 35 min. fight. The blue was not hooked. The hook barb was lodged in the bill as the bill lay in the bend of the hook.); IMPLANTER, Capt. Mark Noble

        4.) Six blues 500-600 lbs. (I wired a hot 525 lb. I flipped the fish twice on the wire as it jumped behind the boat, then broke #15 wire on the third jump; FISH HUNTER, Capt. Casey Shea)

        5.) #16 test line, 150 lbs. released; MISSGUIDED, Capt. Brad Simonds

        6.) Stand-up Tackle, #50 and #30 test line: about fifteen blue and black marlin

        7.) #8 test line: countless blues lost; FRENCH LOOK, Capt. Lori wright


     B.)  PACIFIC SAILFISH, in Costa Rica: 273, "accounted for" (Numerous times I have been fishing for fun and not accounted for the sailfish caught. It was
                                                                                                                      so common for me, that it did not seem important. However, every day charter fishing I have
                                                                                                                      kept a log. Some logs are more detailed in description than others, but these numbers have
                                                                                                                      always been accounted for.)

        1.) SALT WATER SPORTSMAN feature article: "Costa Rica's New Frontier", by Al Ristori; March 1991, page 48

        2.) 11 caught on fly tackle (the first sails on fly for all the anglers)

        3.) One "Grand Slam": 1 blue, 1 stripe, and a few sails

        4.) TOURNAMENT: "Third Place (tie)," Flamingo Int'l. Light Tackle Tournament, 1989 (our 34 sails were just three sails below "First Place" and this
                                                                                                                  was the first week I had fished and arrived in Flamingo. We had no working depth finder either.)


     C.)  ATLANTIC SAILFISH: 452 (accounted for)

        1.) 157 released in 17 days at Isla Mujeres, Mexico (I was the only mate on boat):

           a.) three sails on fly, b) four sails on #4 line, and c) over twenty five on #8 line

        2.) 295 caught in Florida Keys to Stuart and Bahamas