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I really enjoy showing the thrill of fishing to kids of all ages, as you will see in the photos. Many families have fished numerous times with me, some I've seen grow up to young adults now.

Kids as young as 6 years old can catch all these fish. Even if they need a little help, it makes for special memories and great photos, like young Hicks brothers helping each other in the "sailfish fishing" section.  The links below zip you to a species, or just scroll it all.

Tarpon Fishing,    Sailfish Fishing,    Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Fishing,    Snook Fishing,    Permit Fishing,    Bonefish Fishing,    Snapper and Grouper Fishing etc.,    Shark Fishing,    Redfish Fishing,    "Fly Fishing with Kids"

Jason Brand with a big barracuda. Ken Brand and son, Jason, have been down a couple times and have had some good tarpon fishing.

Ken says: "Your coaching, instruction, and words of wisdom went a long way in helping Jason and I hook, fight, and land our fish. I thought Jason responded well to your instruction. My sense is you have a way with instructing anglers both young and old.

Thanks Ken for such a nice and valuable comment.


t-017.jpg (15241 bytes)


8 tarpon caught, for 17 on, for 24 strikes; done in one full day combined  with a sunset trip.

Ryan Eidelstein (14 years old) had a heroic battle with a 140 lbs. tarpon on #20 spin which lasted 1 hours mostly because there was a good fray in the line near the double line. We wanted that picture and fish measurements. Even after the long fight, the fish revived quickly and swam off.

Matt and Ryan Eidelstein along with their father Gary released these tarpon. Gary insisted the boys catch all but one of the tarpon, which his weighed +85 lbs.


t-035.jpg (22121 bytes)

My little nephews get a close look at my sister's big tarpon before I release it.

t-036.jpg (36524 bytes)

My sister, Beth, catches a nice tarpon. My little nephews partake in the thrill of the battle. I life long impression, check out the "art by kids gallery".


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4 tarpon caught, for 8 on, and 16 strikes:

That is what  Rick Colberson and his son, Matt, did one day.

Young Matt is thrilled by his +100 lbs. tarpon.

Rick caught one at around 140 lbs., but we could not get a photo of it.

tf-012.jpg (22026 bytes) Steve Tellam with his son, Austin, and Austin's first tarpon on fly. 


t-032.jpg (13697 bytes)

A "spring breaker" out for a "Bigger Time"

t-026.jpg (14536 bytes)

Drew Wertheimer stands next to his Dad's, Jay's, +130 lbs. tarpon.



I always try to get a picture in the boat without hurting the sailfish's chances of survival.   



RED FLAGS have been used for decades to indicate a released sailfish.



Two sailfish released, and we lost a third which was part of a double header.

This was the first sailfish for Hall Hicks' boys Hoyt, Harley, and Hunter.

 Their first two sailfish and a nice kingfish for John Moore and his two boys, Jack and Scott.


John Moore and his two boys, Jack and Scott, catch two sailfish and a nice kingfish.


The Hicks boys and their Dad catch a sailfish and this nice mutton out of 200' deep. They caught their first sailfish each fishing three days.



Half day fishing with the Mendeck family, and we got chased around by bad weather to boot.

    Ed Lint's son, Jaret, catches this 30 pound "slammer" dolphin, and they catch "big gaffer" dolphin along with some nice blackfin tunas.


Kids love dolphin fishing. This was a slow day for the fleet, but we managed to find these dolphin. We caught two nice triple tails and numerous bar jacks under a pallet too.

 Here is a father and son from Miami with a couple "heavy lifter" size dolphin on a slow day with another west wind.

Kids love catching dolphin, especially schoolies. That is my nephew, Bennett. He and his brother, Eddie, caught at least 20 out of that school.


That is a 39.5" that weighed 17 lbs. I have to find the anglers' names. It is a father and son team.

Another 39" snook which is probably over 15 lbs. I can not remember the weight or the angler.

Juncadella boys with a nice snook.

Diego with a good snook.


Tony Carter and Duggie catch half dozen snook and half dozen jewfish.


p-017.jpg (22892 bytes)

Bob Ottaway and son, Teddy, had an excellent day: they caught two trophy permit in one day.

Teddy caught this bruiser 28-lbs. permit, a 25 minute fight that taught Teddy a little something about determination.

p-018.jpg (27027 bytes)


We release Teddy's permit after a tuff fight.



p-006.jpg (31874 bytes)

David Silber, shamefully a "Gainesville Gator", stands victor behind a trophy permit.


p-007.jpg (29705 bytes)

We release David’s permit. Contrary to popular belief, not all Gators are poor sports.


p-011.jpg (28951 bytes)

Ryan Eidelstein catches a nice permit.

p-027.jpg (25325 bytes)

David Silber returns to catch another permit of  10 lbs. His dad lost a 25 lbs. permit on #10 test after a long fight which ended in the sea fans.

Dwight Haight and son, Chris, catch a couple nice permit off my big boat. This is a great fish and can be pursued at the end of a day of dolphin fishing, or done in between fishing different reef spots. Both these fish were just under 30 lbs.


bonefish sport fishing Islamorada-020.jpg (19529 bytes)

Ryan Eidelstein and a 9 lbs. big bonefish.

bonefish sport fishing Islamorada-010.jpg (26485 bytes)

Ed Liipfert’s son releases his first bonefish, a nice one.


bonefish sport fishing Islamorada-012.jpg (15800 bytes)

Chris Keldie with his first bonefish.

bonefish sport fishing Islamorada-011.jpg (15162 bytes)

Chris Keldie was fishing with his dad, Dr. Carl Keldie, when he caught his first bonefish.



The Hicks' boys, Hoyt and Harley, catch 18 grouper and nice mutton snapper while sailfish fishing.

Dr. Bob Owens and his son catch two "genuine" red snappers and a nice yellow jack along with many other bites and action.


Mason Jones catches two good mutton snapper and two nice yellow jacks in half day wreck fishing.



The Hicks Men

My Nephews, Eddy and Bennett, and Brother-in-Law, Rick, along with my sister have a fun afternoon fishing the patch reefs. Along with these keeper red grouper, the boys caught about 30 groupers and snappers in about 2 hours of fishing.

A big horse eye jack, caught by Dr. Jones' son.

Sebastian Juncadella with a nice keeper black grouper at the bridge.


Seb catches a nice inshore mutton snapper, with half a tail.

Diego and Sebastian Juncadella are catching  nice cero mackerel. These are one of the best eating fish. Much better than Spanish mackerel.

Having fun!


Kids really love to catch barracudas. While we were fishing for permit on the wrecks, we caught a barracuda for my friend, Gale Porter's son Griffin. The barracudas will always show up in your chum line too, when we are fishing the reef for snapper.


Eddie and Bennitt Cutrera catch a couple nice barracudas.


  My nephew, Bennitt, catches a nice lemon shark.

shk-002.jpg (25624 bytes)

Evan catches a fiery black tip, about 50 lbs.

Kids have a great time with sharks.


shk-001.jpg (39646 bytes)

Black tip sharks are "Fire Crackers". They explode on the plugs and fire out of the water, jumping, like a rifled shot, spinning at an incredible speed. Hence, the local name is "spinner shark". Sometimes they come close to the boat while in the air, which will give you a little scare. And it is not over at boat side as you can see. I've got numerous bite marks on the side of my boat.

Like I said: "FIRE CRACKERS"

r-010.jpg (16126 bytes)

"Another Double Header"

62 big redfish in 2 days

r-012.jpg (30471 bytes)

"30 redfish in one day"

Dwight Haight and son, George, show how many reds they caught that first day (30).


r-009.jpg (27590 bytes)

"32 big redfish in 1 day"

George Haight holds one of the big redfish.

r-011.jpg (28193 bytes)

Chris Haight shows one of the big reds he caught that day.


What a day fly fishing the reef! Jose Juncadella and sons, Seb and Diego, catch numerous big barracudas and cero mackerel on fly rod.



Seb catches the biggest barracuda on fly, his first on fly.

Check out the pressure this kid can put on a fish with a fly rod!

 These boys taught themselves how to cast and catch little oscars in their house pond. I helped polish them up in casting and fly fishing. They caught their first salt water fish on fly rod with me: jacks, lady fish, sea trout, even 30 lbs. tarpon - now look at them!


Cero mackerel are excellent fish to catch on fly rods. Fast strikes and faster runs, one even broke Jose's fly line.

Look at the length of that barracuda, that is a stud catch for a 12 year old kid on fly.