Offshore Fly Fishing Islamorada

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What a day fly fishing the reef! Jose Juncadella and sons, Seb and Diego, catch numerous big barracudas and cero mackerel on fly rod.



Seb catches the biggest barracuda on fly, his first on fly.

Check out the pressure this kid can put on a fish with a fly rod!

 These boys taught themselves how to cast and catch little oscars in their house pond. I helped polish them up in casting and fly fishing. They caught their first salt water fish on fly rod with me: jacks, lady fish, sea trout, even 30 lbs. tarpon - now look at them!


Cero mackerel are excellent fish to catch on fly rods. Fast strikes and faster runs, one even broke Jose's fly line.


Fly fishing for barracudas is awesome. Hard fighters, fast runs and good jumps, they can ferociously attack the fly. Jose Juncadella with his first barracuda while fly fishing, and I believe the largest fish he had caught on fly rod, at that time.

I thought I remembered that Jose caught two barracudas on fly rod that day, but I had a hard time determining it from the pictures of the barracuda.

But if you look close enough, you can see that these are two different barracudas, absolutely. E-mail me and tell me how to distinguish that they are different barracudas.

Look at the length of that barracuda, that is a stud catch for a 12 year old kid on fly.

Everyone is part of the catch.