Offshore Snapper and Grouper Sport Fishing Islamorada

Fishing Charters Florida Keys with Captain Rick Killgore

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Patrick Cabrera's friend Alex catches a Cubera Snapper, near 30 lbs. It's a rare catch here, especially during the day.

Tom Pennekamp catches a 21 lbs. mutton snapper and forever "One-ups" good friend, Doug Tellam, with a 16lbs. mutton.

Carolyn Dalton and friend catch three nice black grouper in half day fishing.


The Hicks' boys, Hoyt and Harley, catch 18 grouper and nice mutton snapper while sailfish fishing. (Link)  

Dr. Bob Owens and his son catch two "genuine" red snappers and a nice yellow jack along with many other bites and action.

Chris and Hope Dorsey's two nice mutton snappers caught at the end of the dolphin fishing.

On a half day tarpon trip we fished an hour for snappers. Joe Dudley's kids caught this nice mutton snapper and two smaller ones before going tarpon fishing at sunset.
We jumped 4-5 big tarpon with none to the boat, very unusual, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Half day of meat fishing for a big fish fry for a group of divers, Capt. Killgore delivers: mutton snapper, yellow jack, and small amberjack.

Mason Jones catches two good mutton snapper and two nice yellow jacks in half day wreck fishing.

    I catch a good black grouper on the first drop to the wreck.


A big horse eye jack, caught by Dr. Jones' son.

Those are +20 lbs. muttons. My friend Chris takes me to his mutton snapper hole, and we have the best day he his ever had.

My Nephews, Eddy and Bennett, and Brother-in-Law, Rick, along with my sister have a fun afternoon fishing the patch reefs. Along with these keeper red grouper, the boys caught about 30 groupers and snappers in about 2 hours of fishing.


Blake Bartnick catch two nice groupers and two kingfish

That is a beastie mutton snapper Tom!

Tellam, holding it out makes for a good photo, but it's still not like Tom's snapper!

The Hicks Men



"Half day snapper and mackerel fishing"

That is a mess of vermillion snapper and lane snapper for David Nix, Kelly, and their son, Devin.


My wife, Elena, and I go out to catch a little mess of nice lane and vermillion snapper after my half day trip in the morning.

Tom Pennekamp takes the kids fishing. Nice lane and vermillion snappers. They caught many more kings and snapper, but we let them go.


What a dream for teenagers and a father!


Talk about a nice variety. We catch mangrove snapper on the patch reefs while netting ballyhoo for bait. Then we go fishing for sailfish, catching one sailfish (Link) and cero mackerel.



 That is probably a 200 lbs. jewfish. We did not catch it though. Another boat did, and could not get it down again. So I took it, and deflated its bladder and it swam on dow

        Recently, I have found a spot where I am catching grouper on fly rod. The grouper get so excited they start "jumping completely out of water!" I was astonished: grouper jumping out of water? It is true, and I have video of. It is amazing, and I will put it on the web soon.

This I stumbled over this when I took out Kim Kerdyke and her nephew, Trace, for a day fly fishing their first time in the saltwater. I took her over to a spot I catch these grouper, snapper, and big blue runners on bait. They are small but perfect for kids and beginner fly fishermen. They caught around 10 grouper on fly, and lost that many too in about 2 1/2 hours of fishing. I'll post those photos soon.

Big mangrove snapper caught by Dave Schea

Larry Voller, Dave Schea, and friend with 4 nice mangrove snappers

John Wiedemann and nephew, John, with a number of nice mangrove snapper.

Big 6 lbs. mangrove snapper and a jack creval caught by John and friend.

Unknown anglers with keeper black grouper and mangrove snapper.