Islamorada Permit Fishing on the Flats

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3 permit - on the flats - in one day!

Gina Stewart stands proudly next to her 39-lbs. permit we weighed and released. .

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Gina's husband, Mike Stewart with his +15 lbs. permit (est.), which he fooled while it was tailing - a tough catch.


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Gina Stewart admires her 39 lbs. permit before release.

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Gina Stewart looks over the third permit for the day, which was around 25 lbs.


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Charles Beatty is impressed with his 34-lbs. permit, which fought through the sea fans and flats.

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Jeff Smitley catches 31 lbs. permit on #12 test, his first. He also lost another of equal size, all in a half day trip. Earlier he had shots at about 20 tailing bonefish.

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Tony Carter caught a 29lbs. permit on #10 test spin. That is a great catch. It got up into the flat and raced across it with its back and tail thrashing the water. I almost couldn’t chase it with the boat, but it came back off the flat on the same side as the boat. It then made a heroic fight for almost 30 minutes - great fish Tony.

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Leon Glaze of Indiana released this 28 lbs. permit on #15 test during a half day charter. What a fight! It hit so hard it exploded the surface with its tail when it went down. It also dragged us about 500 yards from where we hooked up. He lost another later. I think it bit through the line by crushing the line against the eye of the hook

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Sal Renna catches his trophy permit he came down for, 28 1/2 lbs

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Jim Trudeau releases a "big permit" on #15 test spin.

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Reviving Jim Trudeau's permit. 

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Tom Long meets the challenge of a "big permit, and releases it.



"A Grand Slam"

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"A Grand Slam"

Boating Tony Carter’s second fish of his "Grand Slam". Before midday, he caught a 50 lbs. tarpon on fly, 20 lbs. permit on spin, and a 9 lbs. bonefish on spin.

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Admiring Tony’s permit. After catching his bonefish for the "Grand Slam", we dashed back to the bar for a round of beer, and loud celebration. Only to return to finish the day fly fishing for bonefish, which Tony loves to do.


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Mike Harkom caught this 28-lbs. permit while it was tailing in water so shallow its back was out of water.

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Bob Ottaway and son, Teddy, had an excellent day: they caught two trophy permit in one day.

Teddy caught this bruiser 28-lbs. permit, a 25 minute fight that taught Teddy a little something about determination.

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We release Teddy's permit after a tuff fight.



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Landing Bob Ottaway's trophy permit. 

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Bob Ottaway with his big permit of 24-lbs. which was also a butt kicker.

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Putting the wood (or glass) to that permit.

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Thomas Daly with a fat permit he landed on his spinning rod with # 10 test.

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Releasing Mr. Daly’s permit.


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David Silber, shamefully a "Gainesville Gator", stands victor behind a trophy permit.


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We release David’s permit. Contrary to popular belief, not all Gators are poor sports.


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Jim Marks catches a nice permit, which took quite a few casts to entice it – good going!




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David Silber returns to catch another permit of  10 lbs. His dad lost a 25 lbs. permit on #10 test after a long fight which ended in the sea fans.


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Mark Schermer released his first permit, a nice fish of 17 lbs. (est.).

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What a great christening!

The first fish the boat caught, after 9 weeks of rebuilding it after buying it.

We later caught a bonefish on spin, and had numerous casts at tarpon!


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Ryan Eidelstein catches a nice permit.

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