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"Another Double Header"

62 big redfish in 2 days

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"30 redfish in one day"

Dwight Haight and son, George, show how many reds they caught that first day (30).


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"32 big redfish in 1 day"

George Haight holds one of the big redfish.

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Chris Haight shows one of the big reds he caught that day.



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Tony Cater catches a big redfish while fly fishing.

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Tony Carter with another big redfish on fly.


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Bob Hartman catches a big redfish on fly rod with Steve Tellam.

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Bob Hartman catches another nice tailing redfish on fly rod..


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I nail a redfish on a fly rod with my brother-in-law, Rick Cutrera.

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Rick Cutrera, (former best friend, ha ha ha), catches nice redfish while fly fishing. Once again we had a blast!


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Tom Spontack catches a big redfish for Florida Bay area.

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Joe Culler with a big redfish he caught while it was tailing.


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Charles Beatty catches his first redfish while fly fishing.

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The two Wyoming trout guides come down to try there fly fishing skills on our fish.


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The guides caught a couple nice redfish, and had shots at permit and bonefish while fly fishing.

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They were surprised how much tougher it was to get the fly in front of the redfish and hook it up.


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Pete and Jane Dow with a tailing redfish they caught while we fished on their boat.


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My best friend, Doug Tellam, with a big redfish.


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