A) Fishing Photo Galleries:

                                           "TARPON" and INSHORE FISHING on the 23' SeaCraft

                                           1) TARPON: live bait fishing

                                           2) TARPON FISHING BY-CATCH while live bait fishing:
                                                    a) permit
                                                    b) snook
                                                    c) snapper and grouper
                                                    d) barracuda, cobia, jack crevalle etc.
      e) cero mackerel

                                           3) TARPON: sight fishing with fly and spin tackle

                                           4) SHARKS: a fun "Big Game" inshore option


                                           1) SAILFISH: sport fishing with conventional and fly tackle

                                           2) DOLPHIN (Mahi Mahi): sport fishing with conventional and fly tackle

                                           3) OFFSHORE SPORT FISHING AND FLY FISHING:
                                                    a) dolphin (mahi mahi)
                                                    b) tuna
                                                    c) permit
                                                    d) snapper and grouper
                                                    e) cobia, kingfish, barracuda, cero mackerel, and big jacks

                                           4) SWORDFISH: sport fishing with conventional tackle

                                           5) BLUE MARLIN: sport fishing with conventional tackle

                                   BACK COUNTRY and FLATS FISHING

                                           1) BONEFISH:
                                                    a) sight fishing with spin tackle
and live bait
                                                    b) "fly fishing" for bonefish

                                           2) PERMIT:
                                                    a) sight fishing the flats with spin tackle

                                                    b) "fly fishing" for permit on the flats

                                           3) SNOOK: fishing Islamorada and the Everglades backcountry

                                           4) REDFISH: sight fishing with spin and fly tackle

                                           5) BARRACUDAS: sight fishing with spin and fly tackle

                                           6) SHARKS:
                                                    a) sight fishing with spinning tackle
                                                    b) "FLY FISHING" for sharks on the flats

                                   "THE FAR SIDE" of FISHING

                                           1) THE BIZARRE AND COMICAL

                                           2) ART BY KIDS: impressed by the impressionable

                                B) Islamorada Fishing Information for Specific Fish

                                           1) Islamorada fishing tarpon sport fishing charters

                                           2) Islamorada fishing sailfish sport fishing charters

                                           3) Islamorada fishing bonefish sport fishing charters

                                           4) Islamorada fishing snook sport fishing charters

                                           5) Islamorada fishing permit sport fishing charters

                                           6) Islamorada fishing dolphin (mahi mahi) sport fishing charters

                                           7) Islamorada fishing swordfish sport fishing charters

                                C) About Capt. Rick Killgore and the Islamorada Fishing

                                D) Fishing Seasons:

                                           1) February 15 - April:

                                           2) May - August:

                                           3) September - November:

                                E) Fishing Log Highlights

                                F) Florida Keys Fishing Report

                                G) Client Testimonials

                                H) Boats and Tackle

                                I) Charter Info

                                J) Sponsors & Links


                                L) E-Mail 

                                M) Site Map



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